#Wall of Art Therapy

This month we had a volunteer who graduated from the Number One art school in the country, Silpakorn University of Art. She has her own art school called Art Corner near Bangkok. Both Children and Volunteers had a great time working on the wall together.

Persistence pays

Faa is a woman of short stature but mighty faith. When you meet her, even casually, you cannot help but feel elevated — her joy in Christ is contagious. But she can also be a pesky little woman. When she sets her sights on something, she moves as an unstoppable force.

Making a difference

But now, even with all the challenges he still has, he is so much better. From not even being able to hold a pencil, he is learning to read and is finding joy in reading the Bible and singing songs to Jesus. That’s what the love of God can do for a person’s soul.