One Girl’s Success Story

PAST STORY: As this young lady reached her pre-teen years, the chances of her being raped by a villager or relative or forced into marriage grew to 90%. Her mother was in the habit of disappearing for months at a time, and now as the girl reached age 12, her mother had been gone a very long time. This left a concerned father who worked away from the home every day and would not be able to protect his daughter. He knew full well what would happen to her if GROW couldn’t help. “Around age 12, I watched many of my friends disappear one by one, and I was afraid it would happen to me.”

So, she came to live at GROW when she was 12. She was quiet and shy, beautiful and sweet. She quickly emerged as a leader in the home. Even though she recognized what she was saved from, she was sad at the thought of some of her friends who still silently suffered back in her village. This young lady excelled in school and began allowing herself to dream of finishing high school and going to college.

Through God’s healing work, her mother returned for good, and her parents’ marriage was restored. Both of them began volunteering their time to help GROW and continued themselves to heal. Eventually they were employed by GROW where they have faithfully served for several years. During this time, their family was completely restored.

Today this young lady is in her third year at the university studying Chinese. During her breaks, she volunteers at GROW helping the other children with their own studies as well as helping in the office. Her excellent English skills come in handy when translation of documents is required.

“When I finish my degree, I would like to be a medical interpreter.”

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