Hope for the Homeless

PAST STORY: This 13 year old girl comes from a very high-risk family because she is from a homeless family of all girls, perfect targets for the unscrupulous to prey upon. In addition, her father used drugs and abused both her and her mother. Her family often had to live without food while her father continued his drug use. He is currently serving a 36-year sentence for drug trafficking.

HER GROW STORY: She was so excited when she arrived at the GROW home at age nine and saw her own clean bed, a cute little doll, plenty of healthy food and lots of new friends.

THE PRESENT: This girl has such a kind heart and is a joy to others. She enjoys reading her Bible, singing on the worship team, and helping her friends any way she can.  “I am hungry and willing to learn more about Jesus Christ and would like other people to know how God is helping me every day. My single mom still struggles to earn enough income to care for my two sisters even though she works for other people on their farms.”


REWRITING HER FUTURE: “I want to study hard and become a doctor when I grow up.”

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