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Find below the focus and prayer requests for the month.  Each month, you can learn more about GROW and have a focused way of praying for the ministry.  Subscribe and donate to help rescue more children.

February - 2024
Focus: Construction I
Pray for safety and good weather

Construction is a tangible universal word. When we hear “construction site”, we immediately think of a place that has concrete, wood frames, sheets of metal or wood, thatch roofs etc. Our mental images may vary depending on where we live and what our experiences are, but, nonetheless we know that a construction site is a place where something is being built with a specific purpose in mind. It is a very concrete, purposeful, physical place. And right now, if you arrived at GROW, that’s what you would see, a construction site. But I want you to know that GROW has been a construction site since its conception, reaching beyond a physical construction site to the spiritual.  

“GROW was founded in 2009 when a group of like-minded people met Faa in the US, heard about her passion for rescuing at-risk and abused children, and saw her resolve to fight this evil in SE Asia.”

GROW is a construction site for God.  It is a place where the strongholds of Satan are torn down and new lives are being built. It is a place where children hear about the redeeming love of Jesus and new foundations of truth are constructed. It’s a place where children can find hope in God’s power for a new home, an eternal one. 

God continues to be present on His construction site at GROW. As Faa is busy purchasing supplies, mixing concrete and shoveling dirt, God graciously provided a honest contractor, to work alongside her. He is a trustworthy man and respects the values of GROW.   At Faa’s request, he prohibits all work on Sunday and does not allow his employees to smoke or drink on the campus. The crews start early in the morning after the kids leave for school and finish around 4 p.m. before the kids return. The current project is the building of a new house to provide room for 12 girls.  The new girls’ home will alleviate overcrowding and still allow the addition of 8 new children to the GROW home.  More importantly, more children have the opportunity for a new life in Christ.

Last year, Shook Construction selected GROW as the partner for their 2024 company mission trip. Shook will send 10 associates to GROW’s campus in Wiang Pa Pao, Thailand, in mid-February, where the group will work alongside GROW’s local contractor to help build a new girls’ home. Shook’s team consists of employees from all four of their main offices – Dayton, Cleveland, Raleigh, and Indianapolis – as well as various positions across the company. On January 11, trip participants and GROW’s Executive Director, Jeana Harley, traveled to the firm’s Equipment Center in Dayton, Ohio, for a training day. The group practiced both concrete and masonry skills in preparation for their visit. Throughout the day, you could see each team member’s excitement and passion for service enhanced. Shook looks forward to serving on its third continent to further its Mission, To Dramatically Improve the Communities We Serve.

Pray for the Shook Construction team as they join GROW from February 16th to the 25th.  We thank God for this opportunity to work alongside them in this endeavor. God is our master builder, and He always provides.  


  • Good weather during the building process.

  • Safety and health for all.

  • Wisdom and insight as needed to make the best decisions during the construction.

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