Focus and Pray - June 2023

Find below the focus and prayer requests for the month.  Each month you can learn more about GROW and have a focused way of praying for the ministry.  Subscribe and donate to help rescue more children.

Faa is always encouraging others to use their stories and passions to make a difference in the lives of others. This month we want to share how people just like you are matching their hearts and passions to the work we are doing at GROW. We are so grateful to all our partners in this important work that allowed us to rescue 12 more children this year. Your commitment and sacrifices encourage us and keep us focused when the work is hard. Time after time we are blessed by God’s faithfulness as He moves in the hearts of His people. 
Thank you.

MEET BETHANY. She’s a wife and mother of two. She expresses her passion to help children professionally as a pediatric physical therapist. In her spare time, she serves as Board Secretary on the GROW Board. Bethany met Faa in 2018, volunteered for the Rewrite Their Future Live Online Event Planning Team in 2020/2021, and began serving on the board late 2021.

“Giving to GROW allows me to be a part of something bigger: part of a loving group of people who are making a difference in the lives of children, their families, and their communities. All of this, while also leading them to Christ. I am so blessed to be a part of that!”


THIS IS FLOYD. Floyd is a retired pastor and missionary to the Philippines. Education is important to him. Just a decade ago, he traveled with his wife to GROW in Thailand on a team from his church. Having a passion for the Asian people and children in particular, he fell in love with Faa, the children and the ministry of GROW. For his 88th birthday, he started the Roseberry Education Fund with GROW to ensure that every GROW child would have an education, especially those who want to go on to college. He recently celebrated his 90th birthday by sharing with others about GROW and encouraging them to make contributions to the Roseberry
Education Fund.

“Because of the God-inspired and capable leadership of precious Faa and Ning, and because of their and the staff’s broad vision for the lives of at-risk children, GROW will be my major prayer and financial mission focus for the rest of my life.”

SAY HELLO TO JOEL. Joel is a high school senior this year who decided to support GROW by sporting his GROW sweatshirt for his senior pictures.

“The reason I support GROW is that I find their mission to be a very important one. Offering children a home can be a difficult thing, especially in countries outside developed ones. However, being able to support GROW can help children who are going through a hard time.”

HERE IS PASTOR DAVE. He has led teams to GROW and leads local outreach in his community.

“GROW has captured the attention of both our Global Missions and Human Trafficking teams. We’ve all visited the GROW campus and are very impressed with the passion and vision of Faa Sumitra and this ministry to children. Just before the Covid pandemic began, our church responded with the largest special offering ever to help build a new dormitory for girls and help them expand their ministry. We’re committed.”

If you would like to share with us as a means of encouragement, the ways you connect your story and passions with the GROW ministry, feel free to email us at or post on one of our social media sites.

PRAYER: Please join us in expressing our gratitude to God for His faithfulness not only to this ministry, but also to all those who support GROW. Praise God also for the 12 new children recently rescued, and for the new life they will experience.