Focus and Pray - January 2023

Find below the focus and prayer requests for the month.  Each month you can learn more about GROW and have a focused way of praying for the ministry.  Subscribe and donate to help rescue more children.

GROW is excited to announce that we have new staff that joined our ministry over the last few months. We are blessed to have them on our team and would like to introduce you to them. Please be praying for Pim, Vee, and Lin as well as the other staff at GROW. 

Enjoying Music with New Staff

Pim W. (Campus Cook)

“I am a single mom with three sons.” (GROW was already caring for her sons. God began transforming her heart and her life after years of Faa investing in and challenging her.) “With God’s help, I completed Discipleship Training School (DTS) at WYAM in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Afterward, seeing the change in my life, Faa offered me a position at GROW so I could be with my sons and continue healing our family. I am so blessed to be able to be with my children and serve here.”

“Please pray for continued wisdom from God for me, teamwork among our staff and good health.”

Vee S. (Property Manager of the Farms and Gardens)

“When I was five years old, my parents divorced. I was raised by my grandparents.” (He met Faa in Chiang Mai when he was around 13 years old before GROW was established.) “When I turned 15, I went to work. Later I moved to Chachoengsao Province to work with the electric company.”

“In August 2022, my wife and I began our four-month internship training at GROW and love being part of the team. I realized during my internship how much I understand the broken hearts that the GROW children are facing. I pray to God for Him to use my life for these precious GROW children. I love to sing, play the guitar and to play sports. I love the children very much.”

“Please pray for my responsibilities at GROW while I continue to learn about my new job. Pray that I can learn about the children and how I can best help them. Pray for our teamwork and my health and energy to be strong.”

Lin Y. (Female Assistant)

“I am the third child of four with two older sisters and a younger brother. When I was 11 years old, my dad passed away leaving my mom to be a single mom with four children. Due to our difficult circumstances, I went to live in a Christian Children’s Home. I finished high school at age 17 and went to work in a factory in Bangkok until I was 32 years old. Through God’s grace, my husband and I now work and serve at GROW.”

“Pray for the health of my family and all the GROW Home. Pray I learn my new job here well with the children and the new team. Pray for our safety and my marriage relationship with Vee that we can be an example to others, especially to the children at GROW.