The Hill Tribe Story

Imagine you were born in the U.S. to American parents but you had no rights of citizenship because your parents are native Americans. This is the situation of thousands of minority groups in SE Asia. They don’t have a national ID card and thus are not be able to go to school. When they become adults, they can’t get a legal job nor can they own property, so they are relegated to live their entire lives as virtual slaves of the majority group.

Most of the children G.R.O.W. is rescuing are from minority groups known in Thailand as “hill tribe.” They are poor, uneducated, indentured servants with no representation, and they suffer daily discrimination in the hands of those who exploit them. And that’s why we must act to rescue them and we must act now. G.R.O.W. is in the vanguard of a movement to right this wrong and we ask you to join us in making it possible for us to give hope and a future for these precious children.

By donating to G.R.O.W. you help us research, identify, and provide the legal paper work for us to bring a child to a G.R.O.W. home. You allow us to provide medical and emotional support for these children. You ensure that they will be able to go to a good school, and you will help us to build more homes where minority children will come to live in peace and find a space where they can be children again.

About Grace Refuge Outreach Worldwide

G.R.O.W. was founded in 2009 when a group of like-minded people met Faa in the US, heard her passion to rescue at-risk and abused children and saw her resolve to fight this evil in SE Asia.

In those early years, some basic ideas were agreed upon:

1. We would focus primarily on children aged 5-10, from minority groups, who are also living in abject poverty, and thus are among the most likely to be sold into sexual slavery;

2. We would be proactive in trying to save children prior to their being caught by the web of sexual exploitation business;

3. We would provide the children we rescued with a complete approach for healing, which would include, mind (education), soul (faith) and body (physical);

4. We would focus on the child with the purpose of helping to change a whole village;

5. We would give preference to children who were not eligible to enter other ministries, like orphanages, for example, or any other social program. In other words, we wanted the children nobody wanted.

These same principles still guide the actions of G.R.O.W. today. They represent the foundation and motivation for everything we do.