GROW was co-founded in 2009 by Faa and Pastor Ivanildo Trindade when a group of like-minded people met Faa in the US, heard her passion to rescue at-risk and abused children and saw her resolve to fight this evil in SE Asia.

The Hill Tribe Story

The hill tribes are a group of ethnic minorities living in the highlands of continental Southeast Asia.  They are a people without citizenship. Though members of hill tribes are eligible for Thai citizenship under national law, many are unable to attain it due to complex regulations, lack of access to resources, social prejudice, and government apathy.

Without citizenship status, hill tribe members cannot own land and are not protected by labor laws.  They cannot travel freely between districts and have no access to social welfare services like subsidized healthcare.  Those without citizenship are subject to arrest and fines.

Alcoholism and drug use run rampant within these people groups. Domestic violence is common and puts an even heavier burden on the poorest of the poor.

With lives circumscribed by incredibly limited opportunities, hill tribe men, women and children are particularly vulnerable to lies intended to lure them into systems of violent oppression, including human trafficking, and becoming easy prey for those who wish to exploit them.

By donating to GROW, you help us research, identify, and provide the legal paper work for us to bring a child suffering from abuse and/or extreme neglect to GROW. We have worked alongside organizations like IJM (International Justice Mission https://www.ijm.org/about-ijm) when needed to help the children gain their Thai ID and/or citizenship. Your donations help us provide medical and emotional support. You ensure they will be able to go to school and be children again. By educating and supporting these families, and working with village leaders, we are also building thriving communities.

When you join the GROW family with your support, you are rescuing at-risk children, restoring their broken lives, and equipping them to impact their families and communities. Thank you! Together we will rewrite their future!

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