“Blessed to be a blessing.”

This is a phrase that has become a philosophy for our ministry. I hear Faa saying it and acting on it all the time. The children in the GROW home get it; the staff lives by it. We hope you get it too!

In the recent tragic fire in an orphan home near the GROW home, Faa and staff were on the ground right away, loving on the kids that survived, praying with the workers there and helping the children cope. We were blessed to be a blessing.

One little girl came to us from a mom who has lived like a nomad, wondering from place to place, being abused by the hands and machinations of multiple men. She came to us still bearing the marks of bondage, both physical and spiritual, as the white string tied around her wrist boldly announced.

When Faa tried to cut the string, eyes filled with hatred stared at her and the girl refused. Days went by when it felt like a fierce battle in the spiritual realm was being waged. Prayers for deliverance were offered and there were times when the heaviness in the eyes seemed to dissipate. The final victory came on a Sunday morning, when all laid hands on her and our precious little girl finally let go of the string, allowing Faa to cut it and thus releasing herself from the control of the evil one.

From then, she was like a sponge, eager to soak in all the knowledge of God and His love. One day, her mom called the GROW home. Our girl spoke with her and immediately told her mom about this Jesus who is more powerful than anything. She said, “Mom, you can pray to Him anytime and ask for anything and He will help you.” That was another “blessed to be a blessing” moment.

Pastor Ivanildo da Costa Trindade
President and Co-Founder

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