Substance Abuse to Healing

PAST STORY: This 10-year old boy was living in a very unstable situation. His father and grandparents drank a lot and used drugs. His father abused his mother until she finally ran away. Due to their Hill Tribe culture, she was not allowed to take her son with her. This left him in a very desperate situation with no responsible adults to care for him. His father even mixed drugs into their food exposing this young boy to all sorts of drugs.

HIS GROW STORY: He was six years old when he came to GROW. By that time, his father had destroyed his body with substance abuse and passed away three months later. For the first year at GROW, he had to be taken to the hospitable almost weekly because he was so malnourished, and his body was still suffering the effects of the drugs.

THE PRESENT: Since his mother remarried and moved away, the GROW family is his only family now. He still needs healing for his body and his heart.  “I am learning to behave myself better than before. I am able to focus on my classes even though I am behind a year from my friends. I am still working on my health to become healed from my past physical abuse. I have many things I enjoy doing, most of them active things.”


REWRITING HIS FUTURE: “When I grow up, I would like to be a competitive fisherman.”

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