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Our Wiang Pa Pao Campus: God’s Answer to Prayer

In 2012, we began praying for land to expand the ministry. After doing her research, Faa invite people to pray over the land to which she believed God was leading her. The land that was selected was a 9-acre piece of property in the Chiang Rai Provence just outside of Wiang Pa Pao.

The day Faa met with the landowner, he had invited his lawyer to join them. “What do you plan to do with this land?” the landowner asked. “How much money do you have?” the lawyer asked. Faa held up her fist and said, “I have zero money.” At this point the lawyer left in disgust of his wasted time with a young, poor hill tribe lady. But the landowner pressed her to share more. Then he gave her three months to come back with the money, a reduced price for her. His lawyer thought he was crazy. The man could sell this property for so much more. “Besides,” thought the lawyer, “this girl will never be back with the money. What a fool.”

The Board quickly brought Faa to the States to share her need with supporters. Five months later, after an extension, she returned to the landowner, to the lawyer’s astonishment, with an acceptable amount of cash in hand. You see, what the lawyer didn’t understand was this man, a follower of Jesus Christ, had been praying that this particular piece of land would one day be used to help children. When Faa shared her passion and ministry to help abused and at-risk children, he believed she was the one to buy his property.

Today, this man visits the GROW campus regularly having become the “grandfather” to all to these children over the years. He too has become part of their healing family.

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” – Jim Elliot

Mr. Suring

Mr. Suring, seen in the middle in the light jacket, has become a grandfather to the GROW family.

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