Impacting Families and Communities

August was parent training month. This was a wonderful time of sharing God’s Word, many tears of healing and praises to God. Not every family can come due to safety policy issues. Many came with younger children who enjoyed time on our playground. Many parents are illiterate, but we can educate them on understanding how a family can be together in a healthy way with open hearts, eyes and ears working and learning together. Many families are blessed by their own children because YOU have made it possible to make a difference in their lives, giving them a hope for the future.

One mother stood up to share, like the others, how thankful she is to God for the GROW supporters who have helped her child. Her daughter visited during the pandemic. Because of the lockdown, she was unable to return to GROW at the planned time. Her daughter filled her time by helping at the local church (built of bamboo). She impacted many village children as she shared and taught worship songs. Her mother is very proud of her for how she handles herself with everyone. On her behalf, thank you!

For the Sake of the Children,


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