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Child Spotlight

Girl, 12 Years Old

She has two siblings, an older and younger sister. She comes from a very high-risk family where her parents had all girls. She came to the GROW home about three years ago when she was just nine years old because her parents were homeless which put the girls at great risk. They were staying with their single grandmother in a small little house. Her’s father used drugs often, and he would physically abuse both her and her mother.

Sometimes, their family had to live without food. Even today, her mother still does not have enough food for her children. Sadly, her father was recently convicted of drug trafficking, and is currently serving a 36-year sentence. When she first came to the GROW home, she was so excited to have her own clean bed, a little cute doll, a pink bedroom, and many new friends in the GROW girl’s home.

She gets along easily with other girls by her kind heart, beautiful smiles, and willingness to listen to others. She loves singing, and since coming to the GROW home, she’s also learning Thai Christian songs. She now has her own Bible, she loves to read the Bible, and is on the worship team. She is a delight for the GROW home.

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