#Wall of Art Therapy

We’re blessed to have time together for artwork. Since 2015, the children have been asking to paint the wall again. I promised my beloved children that the next building project, we will have paint left over they can use it. During the cafeteria construction, we didn’t use paint. The children were asking where are the colors and why we didn’t use paint with the cafeteria.

This month we had a volunteer who graduated from the Number One art school in the country, Silpakorn University of Art. She has her own art school called Art Corner near Bangkok. Both Children and Volunteers had a great time working on the wall together.

Each child has an activity buddy for the whole year, they worked together on the wall and encouraged each other.

This is an exciting and big dream come true for my children. Everyone was nonstop to paint the wall and be themselves. I believe art is a part of the therapy making my children happy, along with the Word of God, his power, and us praying together.

Last week two of my kids received a certificate of art competition from their school. They placed #1 for each program, and we are so happy for them.

Thank you so much for partnering with us and making a difference for my children. They have hope and confidence for living. We also would like to give a big thanks for friends who always help us with Art Supplies, we are in the middle of nowhere and there are no supplies for art.

– Faa

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