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Child Spotlight

5 Year Old Boy

I have known his parents for over ten years, even before they were married or he was born. His mother had him when she was only 18, and his parents were divorced shortly after that. His mother has a mental disability and was unable to care for him, so he was raised by his father and his grandparents.

A few years ago, his father was in a very serious truck accident. The accident left him brain damaged and no longer able to earn a living. This put a big burden on the impoverished grandparents, who now had to take care of both their grown son and young grandson.

He is bullied in school, and teased by other kids in the village because of his family situation. He has experienced emotional and physical abuse. He is told that no one cares about him, and even at the young age of five, he is often sad because he doesn’t have a mother or father playing an active role in his life. Soon his struggling grandparents will not be able to care for him at all and would eventually sell him because kids like him are preyed upon as they are big targets for child trafficking and often grandparents see no other way.

We are so thankful to God for enabling us to help him. Even though we were delayed by a few months due to COVID-19, Lord willing, he will be joining the GROW home in mid June! We are so excited to welcome him as a part of our GROW family. Please join us in praying for him during this time as he adjusts to a new school and a new living situation. We are so honored with the responsibility of rescuing him. His future is being rewritten thanks to you.

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