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From Boy to Man

He was just five years old when we first welcomed him into the GROW home and family. It was hard for him to communicate for his age. Kids called him ‘buffalo’ because he would bite his tongue all the time, and he would have lots of water and puss in his mouth. Until a couple of years ago, he didn’t know
his father was alive. He has yet to meet him. Now he has become a man. He is 18. He still has that pure heart to follow God he had as a boy. In the GROW home, he has been an honest boy from the first day with a servant’s heart. He loves to play soccer and is on his school team. He plays soccer rain or shine every day.

Recently, Faa sat down with him to ask about his goals for after high school. He gave her that kind of smile that starts on his lips but comes out through his big,
bright eyes too. He told her, “I would like to study in Bible college. I want to learn the Word of God. I would like to grow with God every day.” He asked for prayer
as he prepares to go next May and become a Bible college student. When she heard him share his goal, her heart was so thankful to God because she is personally praying the children will have a heart for God. She prays they will follow God’s calling and serve God on mission with their lives.

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