Healing Begins with Family

At GROW we’re working hard not only with the children, but with the families too. We believe God’s heart created families to live together, and we believe
healing begins with family. This year we celebrate with happy tears four of our children reuniting with their families. We are happy to see mom and dad, brothers and sisters living the best way, in healthy families. We’re not able to reunite every family, but we trust everything to God’s timing. We miss these
children very much but are happy to hear they’re doing well. One of our boys is playing guitar together with his father in their church. God is so good. Thank you for helping us help these children. We continue to build our family program so we can see more families heal and learn to thrive. Pray that we can expand this part of our ministry.

We’re excited to continue the ministry here in Thailand. The sluggish supply chain has delayed the arrival of the furniture for the girl’s home, and the rains have kept us from starting the boys home. We hope to start in early December. Please pray with us that we can start soon. Pray as we evaluate the prospective new children to make sure we choose the children who need our help the most. And pray the boy’s home will be finished too so we can rescue more boys next spring when we’re able to bring new children into the home.

–Faa Sumitra
Country Director, Thailand

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