New Staff: An Answer to Prayer

Praise God and thank you so much for your prayers. At the end of July, our staff couple retired. We hired another staff couple, but they said they couldn’t come until August 25th. I needed to go to Bangkok for my classes. I didn’t know if I could go and didn’t even book my ticket. I was asking God to confirm whether nor not I should go. In the morning, I booked my flights. We then had a pastor show up to help while I was gone, and the couple was able to come early just in time. God’s timing was perfect, and the children were well cared for in my absence.

We even have a third staff person now who is the mother of three of our boys. She has been given new life in Jesus and recently completed a six-month discipleship training program with YWAM in Chiang Mai. I didn’t know what her decision was going to be after she finished. We are so happy she is here with us and her boys. God has given her new purpose and is restoring this family too!

–Faa Sumitra | Country Director, Thailand

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