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8 Year Old Girl

Our child spotlight girl is eight years old. We introduced her during our Rewrite Their Future event in April 2021. She is half-sister to another child who shared her story that evening.

She lived homelessly with her single mom. No one wanted to help them. Finally, an uncle allowed them to live in a small space in his house, but they were not really welcomed. “Every time I saw her, she asked to be taken to GROW. Each time, with a heart beating with tears. I would kneel, hug her, and ask her to pray with me for there to be room for her at GROW. Her innocent eyes contacted mine, and she would ask, ‘What is this you are telling me to pray?’” Faa tells.

Christmas time 2021, our staff saw her in the local market with her mother. She bravely asked if they could come to the GROW Christmas party. Our staff quickly made provisions for them to attend. Again, she asked to live at GROW. “My mother has a relationship with a man and myself, and my mom stays with this man in his house. I do not feel safe because I see him beating my mom and forcing her to drink alcohol,” she shared.

When she finally came to live at GROW in March 2022, she was so happy to have her own bed, enough food to eat, and to be with her sister. “Mostly,” she says, “nobody harms me here.” She loves to sing and be the leader of game nights. She wants to learn music. 

Many of you prayed for her after the 2021 event. Thank you with all my heart for praying and supporting her. We forward to watching God rewrite her future! I ask for your continued support so that together, we can keep making an impact on these precious lives.

–Jeana Harley | U.S. Executive Director

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