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The Youngest Sister

She is the youngest of three girls, her two older sisters have been at GROW for about nine years. The girls’ father is currently serving a life sentence for drug trafficking, a crime with strict sentences in Thailand. He was arrested when she was still a baby. But her life changed when she was nine years old. Her mom was also arrested for drug trafficking and put in prison. This is when GROW was able to step in and help the family with the third and youngest sister.

Even though it was a difficult adjustment for her, she has been doing really well. She has been supported by her sisters, who have helped her with the transition into GROW. She is very friendly and has good social skills, and she’s also very smart, and gets good grades in school. She loves music and singing, and is learning to play piano.

Please keep her in your prayers as she faces some new changes. She is graduating from elementary school this month and will be starting middle school soon. And recently, her mom was finally released from prison after being behind bars for about three years. Also, pray that she comes to know Jesus as her Savior as she begins to face more adult choices and makes plans affecting her life.

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