Child Spotlight

These are our 10-year-old twins. They enjoy food, and love to dance and read. They came to GROW in 2020 after living with grandparents in the mountain village. Their mom worked in southern Thailand, and their father was missing. They have been two of our biggest challenges. They are dealing with so much trauma from their past. Covid made it worse. We were not able to take them to appointments for their health or emotional/behavioral issues. The twins wanted to meet their dad. I secured a photo from their grandmother, but they wanted to see their dad in real life, not in a picture. Finally, after working with the grandmother and lots of prayers, in May 2023, we were able to find their dad and invite him to visit his sons. “We have a real dad!” they exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear. We moved their mom to a nearby village so she can work and visit her sons monthly. Please continue to pray for our family program so other kids can meet and be reunited with their families. This family has a long way to go, but God is working.

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