Flooding In Wiang Pa Pao

In Wiang Pa Pao (WPP) where our GROW home is located, there has been heavy rain these past few weeks. Last week we had a very bad rain storm, and most of the area in WPP was under flood waters. Many people and businesses, who were already having difficulty recovering from Covid and just getting back to a routine of operation, now face another setback. (Even our own GROW truck suffered minor damage while driving along the flooded road near our campus. Thankfully a local car repair shop was able to fix it for us for free.)

The level of the Laos River that runs along the back of the GROW property is very high, almost reaching our fish pond. The boys came running to me and asked me what will happen to our tilapia and catfish? I told them to pray and ask God for the rain to stop and the sun to come out. So we prayed together, and God answered our prayers. The rain storm that had been causing all the flooding for the past few days finally stopped, and the water level began to go down.


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