Coffee and Friends is the Best Blend

We are so grateful for a beautiful start to the year. Because of God’s faithfulness and your loving big hearts, we have been able to make some
needed repairs and updates on campus. We have been working on the café where some of our kids love spending time learning how to bake and make coffee drinks. We want the café to be another training opportunity in business for our kids. We have been making renovations to the main building, our first building. We are still working on repairs from an earthquake as well as preparing to move our sick room out of the office building. We want to have three rooms: one for girls, one for boys and one for first aid. They each need their own bathroom space, too. We do not have room for this in the
main building, so we are making plans to move this in the future. Moving our sick room opens up more needed office space in our main building. We will be bringing in new children in the next two months, so please pray for us as we make final decisions. Thank you so much for your love, encouragement and support!
– Faa

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