Child Spotlight

When we visited near the Myanmar border, we learned about the extreme high risk for children there to be taken into the drug trafficking industry and used for sex. It happens so easily there. School ends in 6th grade and honest work hardly feeds a person. We also heard about this boy’s story. His dad had to find work out of the country for a while to care for his family. The boy had no educational options having finished 6th grade. When he arrived at GROW last year, he was quiet and didn’t want to play with anyone. It took him longer than most children to adjust. Since he had only one set of clothes, he had to learn which clothes were appropriate for school, church, play and going to town. He discovered he is good at soccer and loves to play. He learned to play with other children. He is learning many life skills. He is learning how to worship and pray to Jesus instead of worship animism. His grandma told him he could go to church, pray and worship but just not get baptized. When he gets baptized, she told him, he will change, and his life will get worse. Today, he knows a lot about Jesus and even prays that his parents will learn about Jesus, too, but he has not fully committed to life in Christ because he believes what his grandma told him. Please pray he will welcome Jesus into his life as his Lord and Savior.

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