A Note from Faa

I don’t have words to express my deep gratitude to God because of your love and hugs while I was in the U.S. Thank you for opening your homes, small groups, and churches. Thank you for the nice comfy beds, the good food and the great friendships. I remember each of you in my prayers for God to bless you more. I have nothing to give back to you today but my heartfelt thanks. I am so pleased to meet our partners and have opportunities to meet new donors. God opened new doors to share about GROW. God went before us and made the way! I cannot do this on my own. Our staff and volunteers on the ground took great care of the children in my absence. The GROW boards on both sides stand strong in supporting me to continue. I am blessed.

Of course, all the kids had lots to tell me when I got home. I was so happy to see them. While I was gone, they completed some chores: finishing the new restrooms and painting. The second semester started at the end of October, so everyone is back to school now. I am thankful for the few days of rest in South Korea on my way home from the U.S. I hit the ground running as soon as I landed in Thailand. We already hosted a team from Texas!


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