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Child Spotlight

13 Year Old Girl

She is now 13 years old. She came to the GROW home when she was 9. She comes from a village that still has no electricity or water system. She has four siblings, all girls. I learned about this family, her village and her desperate situation by visiting often.

Her village church of about 20-30 people is without a pastor. She never liked to go to church. Every time we visited this church, we shared the Gospel, grace and love from God with this family and the village.

She came to the GROW home very skinny to the bone because there had not been enough food for her to eat. She walked to school and then helped her family work other people’s farms to make income. Because of her family’s extreme poverty, she had no option but to work. Even then, there wasn’t enough for her to eat.

When she arrived, she was really happy to see her own bed with all the personal things she would need: clothes, wardrobe, blanket, pillow, and even her own doll. She was excited to have enough food, to be able to go to school (she is very smart) and to play sports like other children. She is very good with people and loves to help others. She also loves to pray and sing. This year she stepped up to be the worship leader in the GROW home. We are so blessed to see her life full of hope. When she visited her family this summer, she loved to help them with their farming work, visit with her sisters and lead other children in the church. She taught worship songs and lead singing together. God has changed this girl’s life and is using her to change her village

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