Child Spotlight

This child spotlight is a 16 year old girl. Her mother passed away when she was only one month. She actually lived at GROW from age four to eight. At that time, due to circumstances beyond our control, she had to leave. My heart was so broken, and I didn’t understand why. I know now that God was using this to
grow my heart stronger. A few years ago, she reconnected with me, and we talked and prayed together all the time. Last year, in part because of her father’s illness, she was able to return to GROW. 

The first day I picked her up from school to come home with me, we both cried. I couldn’t control my tears even in front of the other students. I then picked up her father and dropped him off at the hospital. Today she is a huge
help on campus. She is even able to work part-time with our GROW staff.
I love her growth mindset. She loves others so well and is willing to help. She has a gift for taking care of other children.

Last month was the first time she was able to see pictures of her mother (in her wedding photo). She cried. She has never been able to call her father, “Dad”. We are still working with her on her family relationships. My prayer is that one day, with God’s help, she will call her father, “Dad”.

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