Adding New Homes for More Children

There is so much on which to catch you up. I, Jeana, spent the month of March in Thailand working alongside Faa in this amazing ministry. I can say without a doubt that Faa is doing great work with her whole heart. I can also say what she does is not easy.

I was pleased to see the children happy and healthy, and plans to rescue more children well on their way with the new homes. I was able to assist Faa in visiting, interviewing and investigating the cases of the children who have applied to GROW. This process reminded me how difficult this ministry is. Each case is so different requiring long individual processes. The stories I heard were complex and unimaginable. Each time we drove away, we looked at each other and said, “I really want to help this child. If we don’t, I fear what will happen to them. Can we help them too?” We quickly realized that each bed in the new girl’s home will be spoken for. The need is still so great. Please pray for how we can help each of these children as well as children in the near future.

Enjoy the following video update

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