Prayer Calendar - September

Each month we will learn more about the GROW mission and pray for the ministry in Thailand.   Don’t forget to set a reminder to return at the beginning each month for the learning and prayer opportunity. 

God has blessed GROW with nine acres for the main campus, a house in Chiang Mai, and a rice field near the main campus.   The letter is for the various buildings including the girls’ new buildings and the boys’ future site.  The expansion will allow GROW TO support more children. 

Ariel Image of GROW Campus

Our Wiang Pa Pao Campus: God’s Answer to Prayer


A. Boy’s Home – Capacity: 10-12 boys.
B. Future site of new boys’ cottages – This will be a place for the older boys on campus. When
complete, it will house up to 30.
C. Covered Outdoor Gathering area – Weather permitting, this area hosts various
activities, including parent training, outdoor meals, movie, and worship music nights. The kids
love to eat pizza here!
D. Multipurpose Building – Houses the kitchen, cafeteria, library, study room, computer room,
baking room, café area, Sunday school, and church.
E. Main Office Building – This first building on the campus, once housing everything, now houses
the offices, campus security center, staff meeting room, counseling room, quarantine/sick room,
supply storage room, and two staff bedrooms.
F. 1 st Girl’s Home – Houses 10-12 girls ages 5-12. There is a covered area between the Main Office
Building and the girl’s home serve as another study/tutoring area.
G. Training Center – Barber Shop/ Salon, Wood Working Shop, Small Campus Store
H. New Girl’s Cottages Phase 1 and site of future Phase 2. Houses girls ages 13 and up.

Not Pictured: To the left of the boy’s home is a staff home. Also not pictured is our fishpond,
pineapple field, water tower, chicken coop, pig pen, vegetable gardens, frog ponds,
maintenance building, and security guard building. If COVID taught us anything, it reinforced the
ongoing efforts to create a self-sustaining campus.

Off-Campus: Rice paddy

The Rest of the Story

We thank God for this beautiful campus. Read the story of how God gave us this 9-acre propert here. Our goal is to care for this gift with excellence as we use it to heal and love these precious children. Here we can live and learn together as a family. Thank you for being a part of our healing family.

ACTION: Pray for wisdom and provision to expand the ministry.

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