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The Hill Tribe Story

The Hill Tribe Story

Imagine you were born in the U.S. to American parents, but you had no citizenship rights because your parents are native Americans. This way of life is the situation of thousands of minority groups in SE Asia. They don’t have a national ID card and thus are not able to go to school. When they become adults, they cannot get a legal job or own property. In a state of relegation, their entire lives are as virtual slaves of the majority group.

Alcoholism and drug use are rampant within these people groups. Domestic violence is common and puts an even heavier burden on the poorest of the poor. They become easy prey for those who wish to exploit them.

Most of the children GROW is rescuing are from minority groups known in Thailand as “hill tribes.” They are poor, uneducated, indentured servants with no representation and often exploited into the sex slave trade or forced child labor. That’s why we must act to rescue them, and we must work now. GROW is in the vanguard of a movement to right this wrong, and we ask you to join us in making it possible for us to give hope and a future for these precious children.

By donating to GROW, you help us research, identify, and provide the legal paperwork to bring a child to a GROW home. You allow us to provide medical and emotional support for these children. You ensure that they will be able to go to a good school, and you will help us build more homes where minority children will come to live in peace and safety and find a space where they can be children again. Your support also allows us to engage their families in family programs to help end the cycle of abuse and neglect of the children. By educating and supporting these families and working with village leaders, we are also building thriving communities.

Pray for the children waiting for rescue.

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