Prayer Calendar - May

Each month we will learn more about the GROW mission and pray for the ministry in Thailand.   Don’t forget to set a reminder to return at the beginning each month for the learning and prayer opportunity. 

Read below about God’s Calling for GROW.

God’s Calling for GROW

Mission: To rescue at-risk children, restore their broken lives, and equip them to impact their families and communities.

GROW has a three-fold goal. We want to rescue and heal the children’s minds, bodies, and souls, impact their families for life change to break the cycles of abuse and severe neglect, and by doing those two things, impact their communities for Christ as they improve their living conditions and care for each other.

Here’s what we believe God is calling us to do:

  1. Six More Homes – We have room on campus for eight homes, allowing for the rescue of up to 150 children. We are currently building home number 3.
  2. Agricultural Expansion – GROW’s vision is to continue developing our agricultural program to build sustainability in the ministry and provide training for those children who desire to go into an agricultural line of work. We are looking to purchase an additional rice field in the future to meet our growing needs. 
  3. Training Center/Trade School – It’s long been Faa’s vision to provide training centers for our children and their families that will provide training and be a service to the community. Many of our children will end their education after high school, and we want to prepare them with skills for life they can use when they leave. We currently have a small store, barbershop/salon, and woodworking shop. We also have our baking room, where we hope to train some of our students in baking and business. We want to add a motorbike repair shop as this is a much-needed skill in a country with more motorbikes than cars.
  4. Health Clinic – A health clinic will provide more on-campus care for our children and could also be used as an outreach to the community.
  5. Guest Home – A guest home will provide a place for teams to stay when they come to serve and visit our ministry. It will offer the opportunity to teach skills to the children who wish to go into the Hospitality Industry when they are ready to leave GROW.
  6. Community Education – As part of our goal to impact the community, Faa would like to provide opportunities for community education.  Many families struggle to provide themselves with food and shelter, and this situation starts with financial struggles that often begin or continue the cycles of abuse and neglect. By helping where it usually starts, we hope to reduce the number of children who need to come to GROW.

  7. Community Scholarships – Many hill tribe families cannot afford the tuition or uniform costs to send their children to school. In their communities, education or lack thereof can make all the difference in the direction their lives will take. The uneducated are at a far greater risk of being taken into human trafficking. We want to help where it starts to prevent any child from being sold. We want to work the need for GROW out of existence. Wouldn’t that be nice to live in that world?

ACTION: How can YOU respond?

  • Do you have baking skills? Consider joining a team (2023) who will travel to Thailand to train our children in the art of baking with the goal to teach the children to make “café worthy” desserts and baked goods that can be sold to local cafes.
  • Have an interest in one of the above areas? Consider a special gift in that area.
  • Pray for the children as they return to school this month for a new school year (May-March), that they will work hard and do their very best.

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