Prayer Calendar - July

Each month we will learn more about the GROW mission and pray for the ministry in Thailand.   Don’t forget to set a reminder to return at the beginning each month for the learning and prayer opportunity. 

July Action and Prayer image

We are thankful for your support for the GROW and appreciate you sharing your heart with others.  Here is a video from Faa and somes ways to help you share about the rescuing of the children in Thailand.

Share our printed material from the Green folder.

Refer a friend to so they may learn more about GROW.

Request family and friends to donate to GROW for your birthday.  

Invite your friends and family to join you on a zoom call with Faa (Country Director) and Jeana (Executive Director) to hear about GROW.  Then use the Contact Link above to request a time for a Zoom call in the comments. 

Become a Social Media Ambassador.  Share a public post or comment on a GROW post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #GROWSupporter. 

ACTION: Pray that others well you join in the support to GROW in the rescue of children in Thailand.

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