God is Moving and Blessing Grow

Since we kicked off our 10 Year Celebration, so many things have transpired. The list includes: GROW hosts pastors’ worship and training time, outreach to local public schools with visiting U.S. teams, anti-drug march, four children graduate from junior high school, summer camp, passports and visas for 10 children were secured, plans were made for the U.S. tour, our co-founder, Pastor Ivanildo Trindade, faced a life-threatening brain hemorrhage and so much more (to stay up-to-date on GROW happenings, sign up for our monthly email update on our website). God is moving and blessing GROW, the children, and the staff . We couldn’t do it without your love, encouragement and support.

While the children at GROW are thriving, there are so many children desperately waiting and hoping that we can help them too. There are over 120 identified children on our waiting list. We have been praying that 2020 would allow for us to start chipping away at that number. Their situations are dire. The high level of care given the children we rescue is well-known in the area. In many cases, GROW is not only their best hope, but their only hope. This was one of the reasons we planned the “Rewrite Their Future” Tour in the U.S. We desired for our donors to see firsthand the difference you are making. We are trusting to raise funds that allow us to build more homes, hire additional staff, purchase additional items needed for the additional children, and to support our college scholarship fund which allows students to reach a level of education that gives them employment opportunities that can support a future family.

For the Children,
Jeana Harley
Executive Director

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