Faa’s Journey with Trauma

My Journey with Trauma
By Sumitra “Faa”

I was born into a very big family. I am the youngest of 12. I grew up in much hardship, much of which I will not go into here. The culture in my village when I was young was to take care of my parents. I didn’t understand what all that meant and the extent of my responsibilities.

Sadly, when my mom passed away when I was 10, I was physically abused very badly by my father and ended up at the hospital when I was 13. Honestly, I don’t remember many things before my abuse.

I have deep pains in my heart from losing my mom. Deep in my heart I prayed that I didn’t want to live the old and same way.

I had nightmares, screaming day and night without knowing why. I could not make eye contact with anyone. I could no longer communicate with anyone until I was a college student. During that time, I was living with missionaries from Korea. They had two children in their family. It was full of love, faith, kindness, always helping each other. God worked deep in my heart to pray and ask for healing through His Word. I started helping many children and youth. Through helping them, I began to understand more of my own trauma and healing. Not that long afterward, God healed me. During this time, I was
prompted by the Holy Spirit to forgive my dad, which I did. The nightmares ended.

I no longer had these nightmares until evil began to work very hard in 2020. I became depressed. My heart became so cold. Again and again, I came to God asking Him in prayer to help me. So, I decided to go to study once a month in Bangkok Bible Seminary in November 2021. But still into 2022, I was under
heavy fighting. My wound was provoked, and my deep nightmares awakened. People tried to help me, but my depression continued for a year. Then I went to Christian trauma healing program. It helped me so much, and now I am completely healed. All my grief is gone because I am willing to ask God for help. He did it in the right time with His purpose.

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