Child Spotlight

She Chose Life

He was born 14 years ago to a set of teen parents. Seven months into her term, his mother gave birth to a tiny baby about the size of a water bottle. I, Faa, met him the very first day of his life. I couldn’t find the words to tell his mother how he was doing. He was taken from her immediately and placed in an incubator where he fought for his life. The doctor said this baby had two options, and his mom needed to choose. The first choice was to remove him from the incubator and let him immediately die. The second was to let him live and become an unhealthy boy probably being physically underdeveloped all his life and possibly disabled. He would not grow like other boys. He would not be able to communicate and talk like a normal child. As I gazed upon this little baby, I could see his head was unusually big, and his navel was big like an egg. So, I quietly stood in prayer that the mother would choose life for her little boy. I asked God for a life for this little boy for whose name I didn’t even know. SHE CHOSE LIFE!

I personally supported these young parents and their son, but when he was four months old, they gave their son to me. I didn’t really know what to do with him. I had to go to the bookstore and read about how to take care of a baby. I became friends with Google and did research. This was not easy for me because I had eight other children to care for and only one helper at that time to cook, to clean and to take the kids to school. I didn’t understand all about this, but I just prayed and did what I could do to save his life. At one point I tried to adopt him, but God closed the door.

Today his parents are in a good relationship despite all the good and terribly bad things that have happened in the past 14 years. Last year his mom wanted to restore the family, so he moved back with them. Last year was very difficult for him, and this year he returned to continue to live with us at GROW.

I am so blessed to have him back. He is a big helper and hard worker. Please pray for his two brothers who remain with their parents. Pray for the spiritual growth of his heart, and that he can be a good example to others.
I have taken care of him since he was four months old with lots of prayers. With God’s healing, he has not lived the life the doctor predicted. He lives a healthy life by our LORD Jesus Christ.

He is a very quiet boy after living a year away from GROW. I am asking for your very special prayers and support for this young man as he continues to heal inside.

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