We’re celebrating ten years of family!

rewrite their future

A brief history of GROW

GROW begins (Oct 9, 2009)

After meeting with Pastor Ivanildo Trindade, Faa Sumitra visits the United States, where a board of directors is formed, and Grace Refuge Outreach Worldwide (GROW) is born. Read more of Faa’s story.


Early days (Nov 2009)

Faa returns to Thailand, and together with her sister, Ning, she begins with two children she’s already brought into her home. Four more children are added in the coming months.


God provides a truck (Nov 2010)

After transporting the kids in a only scooter, God provides a brand new truck for the GROW children. Read more about God’s provision with GROW’s first truck.


God provides a house (Dec 2010)

With a growing ministry and only a small house, God provides GROW with a unique opportunity to rent a large and spacious house in a good location within Chiang Mai — all for very little cost. Read more about God’s provision of a rented house.


Nine acres in Wiang Pa Pao (Jan 2012)

With the intention of greatly expanding GROW, a nine-acre property is purchased, and development on the first building begins shortly thereafter.


A new campus (June 7, 2014)

GROW moves to the newly purchased property, and the first building is dedicated. Initially, there are a total of twelve children under GROW’s care.


Chiang Rai’s first official foster home (2017)

GROW becomes the first children’s home in the Chiang Rai District to receive new government required Foster Care Home status from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Services.


Celebrating ten years of family!

WE’VE been a family for ten years, and in the spring of 2020, we’ll be sending some of the children from the GROW home to the United States!