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When you partner with G.R.O.W. financially, you help us meet the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs of the children in our care. Your donations help cover direct costs related to the children, such as, providing food, clothing, school supplies, medical care, therapy, transportation, and a quality education to help each child transition into adulthood. It also covers costs associated with running the home, such as, staff, electricity, clean water, and maintenance.

At G.R.O.W. we strive to provide children with a loving home where they can heal from their physical and emotional scars. The property God blessed us with is perfect with its open spaces for soccer, basketball and all kinds of fun activity. Children enjoy caring for their vegetable gardens, chickens, and fish ponds, all while learning life skills common to their culture, but most importantly, they learn how to forgive and love. The nurturing staff at G.R.O.W. provides them with times of sharing, teaches them to care for each other, and pray for each other. The children enjoy times of singing, worshiping, and learning about God and who they are in Christ. Through the help of our financial supporters, G.R.O.W. is making a difference in the lives of the children, their extended families and the community.

Your gift to G.R.O.W. will provide resources the children need to succeed. Please give today as we make a difference rescuing at risk children in need of restoration, hope and love.