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Handmade Card Set – Made by G.R.O.W. Children

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Children rescued by G.R.O.W. have the opportunity to work through some of their difficult issues through our Art Therapy Program. As you look at each piece of art, you will see that it is uniquely made. We also are uniquely made children of God, continuing to grow in His grace. Our G.R.O.W. home provides a place for us to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually strong. The art represents the joy we have living here. Before there was joy, there were layers of pain in our lies. We come from backgrounds of sexual, physical, emotional abuse, divorce and neglect. Being treated in these ways, where can our worth be found? At the G.R.O.W. home, we learn that we no longer have to be defined by our past, that we are precious children of an all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving God. We hope as you see these unique works of art, that you will get a glimpse of the unique people we are, and that there is beauty in brokenness because of Jesus. With each set that is purchased, it supports us and our living expenses, and we are able to continue growing in His grace together.

Set of 3 handmade cards.
*Actual cards have varying designs

Set of 3

Set of 3