Faa’s Story

GROW co-founder FaaSumitra (Faa) Choemue is the co-founder and Country Director of G.R.O.W. (Grace Refuge Outreach Worldwide, Inc.) in Thailand, a ministry that is focused on rescuing at-risk children from the stark reality of physical and sexual abuse in SE Asia. Faa is Akha, a minority group, known in Thailand as “hill tribe,” that has been the victim of discrimination for many generations. She is the youngest of 12 children and she came to Christ while living in a Christian home for girls. Faa is a dedicated, vibrant, and multitalented disciple of Christ. She is one of only about 100 people from her hill tribe (population about 70,000) that has managed to graduate from college and she is a fierce advocate for some of the most vulnerable children in Thailand. Since 2009 G.R.O.W. has been rescuing and bringing healing to children and their communities, using a solidly biblical approach to caring for “the least of these.” G.R.O.W. is now home to 23 children, most of which were rescued through the efforts of Faa and the G.R.O.W. staff.