Children Rescued in Southeast Asia

The following children’s identities are protected:

Female. 13 years old. 10th Grade. Future Chef. 4 Siblings. With us since 2011.

“My family worked for landowners who treated us like slaves. We were used to going without food and receiving all kinds of abuse. It wasn’t until later that we got help from our community leader and support from Christians in my village. Since arriving at the G.R.O.W. home, my life has changed so much, from a quiet, scared girl to someone who knows how to talk and loves the opportunity to know about Christ, go to school and dreams about a good future for me and my family.”

Prayer Request
Pray for my family in the village, my studies and my health.

Male. 12 years old. 9th Grade. Future soccer player. No siblings. With us since 2012.

“Think of a little boy abandoned by his mother, whose father tried to kill him several times when he was 7 years old. That would be me. When my parents divorced, I was left to fend for myself since my dad only lived for gambling and alcohol. Without food, I had to hustle. I saw my dad get into relationships with men, women, and even a ‘lady boy.’ I did many bad things to hurt people and was well known in the red light district, but deep down I just wanted to be normal like other children, go to school, play, and have a family. I found that through Ms. Faa and the people at the G.R.O.W. home. I have also been able to find strength in Christ to be kind and speak polite words and was reconnected with my parents, even though they have both remarried.”

Prayer Request
Pray for my mom and dad: good health and to go to church every Sunday.

Male. 8 years old. 1st Grade. Future businessman. 1 sibling. With us since 2015.

“I grew up not knowing my parents, only my grandmother, who was old and poor and could not take care of me. Because I was different, I was mistreated and suffered physical abuse from other people in my village. Through a local pastor, I was connected with G.R.O.W. I am happy to be here now but I still have a lot to learn. I don’t do well in school and have many other challenges but God is helping me through the people at the G.R.O.W. home.”

Prayer Request
Pray that I can learn in school, that I will learn not to be so angry and fight, and that I will stop for my study, begging for money and stealing from others.

Male. 12 years old. 6th Grade. Future businessman. No siblings. With us since 2015.

“Before I was even born, my dad abandoned my mom. Since we were very poor, we had no way to buy food. My mother has mental problems and my grandma is unable to walk or talk well. My mom and my uncle forced me to get involved with drug trafficking from an early age. I endured severe beatings from my uncle many times and during the summer I had to live in a temple like a monk in order to get rice and about $15 USD per month so that my mom and grandma could have some way to buy a little food. I lived that way until my mom went to a pastor and asked him to find a safe place for me to go. He found G.R.O.W. Now I live in safety. I have enough food, I go to school and I even get some pocket money for me to use every day. Everyone here loves me and takes good care of me. My life is better now and I know I now have hope for the future.”

Prayer Request
Pray for my mom and grandma to have good health and for my mom to get a job so she can have enough money to live.